Nico Swinnen

Founder and managing partner of Arphius, started Arphius in 2003 in order to provide professional financial advice to small companies with ambitious growth capabilities, as he had been doing in the Audit and Corporate Finance departments of the Big4 audit companies he gained his experience. In the meantime, Nico has serviced several companies in various financial …

On-demand business advice for ambitious entrepreneurs

We focus on small and medium sized enterprises preferably with an international dimension.

Our promise

Arphius is an independent, but involved business partner for its clients. Since enterprise governance is based on objectiveness, transparency and common sense in decision making and implementation, these values are key within all services offered by Arphius and its partners. In the services Arphius offers, the principles of enterprise governance as described in the Code Buysse and Lippens are adhered to.

We aim to provide an effective and efficient accomplishment of your goals and try to find the best solution according to your needs in a transparent way and for reasonable fees. Arphius restricts its interference in your company to the minimum.

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